Some new leaked images that are alluded to are from the future iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro, cast more doubts on the rumor scene. Recently, the possibility that the next iPhone would appear with a renewed design was discussed, especially in terms of the buttons. What’s more, it was said that the appearance of haptic buttons was possible and therefore the disappearance of physical buttons as we know them right now. But these images do not clear up the doubts.

the tweeter fix Apple I don’t know if it was intended to clear up doubts about the rumors of the buttons or not in the next iPhone 15 or even in the Pro model. But more than clarifying what it has achieved is generating more doubts with the images uploaded to your social network profile. The only thing that can be seen is a slit on one of the sides, of what may well be the normal or the Pro model. In that slit there are two openings that can perfectly house a physical button but also a haptic one. So the doubts remain.

In fact, we do not know if these photos really correspond to those that the iPhone 15 or the higher model, the Pro, will have. He is not an acclaimed analyst as others such as Kuo or Young may well be. So we can say that we must give this rumor its fair credence. We will have to wait a little longer to see if someone echoes a similar rumor or if it is confirmed by other sources. At the moment we can only speculate and with the photos we will continue, because it could be anything.

We suppose that it won’t be long before we have rumors more sustained and plausible about that possibility of a haptic button instead of a physical one.