These Pixel news make me envious and I would like to have it on my iPhone 15

Let’s speak clearly. All members of the bitten apple team are big fans of Apple, we are big fans of the bitten apple and therefore, we like the products and ecosystem as much as anyone. Now, we cannot ignore a competition that is increasingly releasing better products, as is the case of Google with its Pixel 8 and its second generation smartwatch, which are very interesting products. Next, we are going to analyze what I found most interesting. liked this new generation and that Apple should point out to analyze it in the future.


The design is a very interesting aspect for all products and in this generation, without having the beautiful and iconic design of the iPhone, we are faced with a great product that transmits many emotions in your hand.

This generation maintains the same design lines that were transmitted in previous generations and with small improvements in the camera module and choice of colors. Of course, in the opinion of this humble servant, I think that the problem that Google Pixel has is its operating system, which does not convince me.


Historically, Android devices have been updated less than iPhones. However, in this situation the tables have been leveled and in some cases they are even surpassed, such as the arrival of up to 7 years of updates on Google devices and four years of updates on devices like Samsung or Xiaomiwhich shows that the competition is capable of offering similar and superior support to what Apple offers with its five years of updates.

The seven years of support we are not referring to generic security patches, but rather we are talking about feature updates, news and security patchesthat is, it will have the same new features as the most advanced generations.

We could say that not all people have a device for a long time, but it could be a very interesting option to have it as a secondary phone or as a phone for certain tasks. In addition, having so many years of updates makes people who have inherited the phone or bought it on the second-hand market have the feeling that they have inherited a phone and that they do not have an old Android phone, since they are going to have the feeling of having a new phone because you are going to update.

New features

Google has launched new features that are very interesting, although there are four of them that I have fallen in love with and that we are going to see below.

  • Audio Magic Eraser: It is a new audio eraser that is used to record audio, clean it of outside noise, among other issues. If it works as well as it did in its official presentation, we are facing one of the great innovations of recent years.

  • Best take: It allows you to take your face from other photographs and add it to a new photograph you have taken so that you appear in the photo with your family or friends in an incredible way. At Apple we were proud because Stickers and timers arrived. I say this for those who say that we criticize the company a lot.
  • Magic Editor: This editor has been known for a few years but this year they have included very interesting new features. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of being able to edit objects in the photograph as well as eliminate elements that we do not want to appear to make a much more balanced composition.
  • Guided Frames: a very interesting solution for those with vision problems and what it does is identify not only characters and animals, but also food and documents.