Apple has greatly focused the advances of its smart watch, the Apple Watch, on including hardware and software aimed at improving the health of users. Several examples of these are the Series 9 oximeter or the integration of a fall detection system, the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram or the possibility of detecting arrhythmias. These health improvements allow many users to save their lives. and on multiple occasions we have been able to hear those stories. Apple wanted to give a voice to two users whose lives the Apple Watch saved in advertisement format.

The Apple Watch saves lives

In the first of the two advertisements we learn the history of Bruce, that while riding the bike he fell and the Apple Watch made use of its automatic fall detection technology and alerted the emergency services. Bruce remained unconscious and if he hadn't been knocked out by the Apple Watch's robocall, he says, he probably wouldn't have had the ending he's currently grateful for. That's why he always wears the watch.

Automatic fall detection on Bruce Mildenhall's Apple Watch alerted emergency services to his location when he fell unconscious.

Heart rate notifications on Lexie Northcott's Apple Watch alerted her to a low heart rate.

The other story is the story of lexie and the Apple Watch alerted him many times that his heart had a low heart rate. At first they assumed these notifications meant I was fit. However, when the doctor learned about these very low frequencies, they performed an electrocardiogram and They diagnosed a complete heart block, an arrhythmia that can be fatal for a person. Thanks to the Apple Watch they were able to notice and treat it quickly.