It's been a while since Apple allowed apps to use alternative icons and there are quite a few that have already adapted, allowing us to choose which app icon we want to use from the app's own settings. However, So far only the Calendar and Clock app have dynamic icons but an exploit has been found in iOS that could change this.

Bryce Bostwick was the one who found this exploit that allows developers to create dynamic icons for their apps. Getting into the more technical part, the exploit uses the API that allows apps to use different icons but skips the requirement that this be changed manually by the user.

What does this mean? Let's start with how iOS actually works. And it is that, iOS makes it up to the user to choose an alternative icon for the app and then the system launches a confirmation alert. If the system cannot verify that it was the user who requested it, the alert is not displayed and the icon is not modified. Therefore, iOS does not allow the icon to change itself in a background process.

However, Bryce has discovered that by using a private method that calls the API, you can use custom icons without the need to accept the iOS alarm and therefore, without requiring the user to request it. This along with another trick to make iOS think that the app is always active even when we close it, You can modify the icon whenever you want in the background, thus allowing it to be dynamic and bring together several static icons that change over time.

Of course, this is something that In the review of the apps in the Apple Store, the apps will be reviewed and probably rejected who want to use this exploit. We will see if iOS 18 and its new customization allow dynamic icons to come into our lives.