They have surprised everyone, are they the product of the year?

In the September Keynote, Apple presented the new second-generation AirPods Pro along with the iPhone and Apple Watch. Last Friday they reached the hands of those who had reserved them and, naturally, the first reactions to these “new” headphones have not been long in coming. Attentive, attentive, because they are really curious. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The AirPods Pro are some really well made headphonesand proof of this is that the Cupertino company has not needed to renew them until now, that is, 3 years after the launch of its first version. Praised by the vast majority of userstheir noise cancellation and the great sound quality they offered have made them one of the main exponents of small headphones on the market.

However, the competition has not stood still and during this time has been able to match and sometimes even exceed what these Apple headphones offered. To solve this situation, Apple has already launched the second generation AirPods Pro, and of course they have come to hit the table again.

The AirPods Pro return to be crowned again

When a product has been able to make so many users fall in love, it is difficult for its renewal to be up to scratch again. Although it is true that Apple has not lacked time to improve its star headphones, the truth is that they have done it frankly well, or at least the vast majority of users who already enjoy them in their day to day agree on this.

Noise cancellation has improvedAccording to Apple, they are capable of canceling up to 2 times better than the first generation, and considering that the AirPods Pro were already one of the best exponents in this aspect, they have been able to convince from the first moment. However, surely the great advance does not come in noise cancellation, but in sound quality, and is that this second generation is heard significantly better than the first. That does not mean that the first AirPods Pro sounded bad, on the contrary, but this second version offers sound quality on a par with that offered by its older brothers, the AirPods Max.

Therefore, although apparently Apple has not made many changes to these headphones, since at the design and construction level they are the same, internally, yes, the jump is bigso much so that many users who already had AirPods Pro should consider the jump to this second generation if they want to enjoy their favorite songs to the fullest, which is what these users will provide you.

The price of AirPods Pro 2 has increased, everything must be said, but really the increase is not to throw your hands in the head. The first generation were available for 279 euros, and now the second generation start from the €299, that is, an increase of 20 euros. Are they worth it? Many say yes, we encourage you to try them and decide for yourself.