They have tried Apple glasses and this is what they think

One of the themes of the year at Apple is its mixed reality glasses, which have been around a hypothetical launch for some time, it finally seems that it will take place at WWDC that takes place on June 5 at Apple Park. Of course, it seems that there are those who have tried them and have already drawn their own conclusions. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

At a time when what is really impacting the world is artificial intelligenceApple, as always, follows its path without paying much attention to the rest and is preparing to launch a new product, hitherto unpublished in its catalogue, mixed reality glasses. Much has been said and leaked about this new gadget with which the Cupertino company hopes to make users fall in love, and the reality, at least so far, was more pessimistic than optimistic.

Some of the news that have been known in this regard have been really dauntingsince there has even been Apple workers themselves who have expressed doubts about a product about which not much is known despite all the commotion it is generating. In addition, the price at which it is rumored that they could go on the market leaves a public that, for the moment, has not expressed great interest in them even colder. Now, he keeps reading that maybe the movie could take an unexpected turn.

Surprised by the experience offered by Apple glasses

Until now, no information has been known about the experience that these mixed reality glasses can offer, however, it has been Leaker Evan Blass who has been able to access the testimony from one of the people who has been and is testing this product, who has been really enthusiastic about what he has been able to try out of this new Apple product. According to Blass, the evolution that Apple glasses have undergone has been truly incredible, affirming that the experience at the beginning of its development has nothing to do with what it has been able to enjoy in the last tests carried out. Without a doubt, these statements are very encouraging for all users who expect to be surprised by the Cupertino company as in the past, when Keynote really left without knowing practically anything that could be presented.

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Far from staying in a good experience, this person He says he is really excited about everything these mixed reality glasses are capable of, something that certainly sheds a ray of light on the future of this product that, at times, looked quite discouraging. However, in the end it is nothing more than the statements of a user, so we will have to be cautious and wait for similar testimonials to continue coming out that, surely as June 5 approaches, they will become known, since that in the end, there is barely a little more than 1 month left for the Cupertino company to announce this launch and provide us with all the information about what these glasses can do.