They put the iPhone 15 Pro Max to the test and this is the final result

An iPhone 15 that breaks just by looking at it or the new titanium material have been discussed online in recent weeks. And now they have decided to go big, testing the toughness of this model alongside the new Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Google Pixel Fold. A total of four “flagships” this year, to see which one is the most resistant.

How have the resistance tests been?

The four models have been put to physical resistance tests, to check how long they are capable of lasting. The study was carried out by the scientific research firm Allstate Protection Plans, and the English-speaking news outlet Appleinsider has covered everything that has happened.

The first test that has been applied to them has been that of being under 1.8 meters of depth, submerged in water, for a period of thirty minutes. They were then subjected to a drop test, again, from 1.8 meters high. The third test was a direct fall with the screen directly pointing towards the ground. The fourth, same fall, from the same height, but with the rear panel pointing downwards.

It is important to emphasize that all of them have been thrown against a ready cement floor. No dents or slopes, since it was also flat terrain. The phone, therefore, once it has been dropped, does not move from its place.

Likewise, the video shows the weather conditions in which the study was carried out. Sunny day, clear atmosphere and dry ground.

The results

In the water resistance test, all devices have passed. None have suffered liquid damage. Now, things change when it comes to the other tests. To begin with, in falls from 1.8 meters, all phones (all, without exception) have ended up with one of their screens completely destroyed.

Only the two folding phones have had “minor damage”, according to the study’s nomenclature, to their interior screens. But these are limited to the physical part. “The main screens remained fully functional, but were only safe to use when the outer panel was not in contact with the skin.” Likewise, the exterior screens have been shattered.

If we look at the results on the back, no exceptions. All of them have ended up equally destroyed. Even the iPhone 15 Pro Maxmade of titanium, has ended up with the rear cover in a thousand pieces.

One of the main conclusions of the experiment has been that “although today’s most advanced phones are made with space age materials such as titanium, reinforced aluminum or with Ceramic Shield screens, “They are still susceptible to damage when dropped on a concrete floor.”