They say that Apple is not complying with European regulations

It has been a week of momentous changes for Apple. On March 6, you will have to apply the changes required by the European Union, to adapt to the new Digital Markets Law. And despite having carried out historic changes with the operation of its App Store (among others), now other giants of the technological world are raising their voices against those from Cupertino, and saying that Apple is not complying with the new stipulated laws. .

It has been the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors that has echoed the statements that companies like Spotify or Epic Games are launching against Californians. The premise is clear, concise and direct: Apple is not adapting to the new laws of the European Union.

A joint letter against Apple

In an official statement published on Spotify's press portal, the arguments that numerous companies in the technological world jointly launch against Apple are announced. Regarding the list of companies that have joined this manifesto, there are the following names:

  • Adevinta
  • Beonex
  • Cafeyn
  • Deezer
  • Epic Games
  • iconomy
  • Mustang
  • Paddle
  • Parula
  • Proton
  • Schibsted
  • 37signals
  • SkyDemon
  • Spotify
  • Threema
  • Uptodown
  • Vipps MobilePay

These entities are also joined by numerous European entities such as the European Radio Association (AER), Digital Music Europe (DME), Internet Economy Foundation (IEF) or News Media Europe (NME). And what do all these companies and associations say against Apple?

First of all, they report that Apple “is offering app developers an unsustainable decision between staying on its current terms, or updating to the new ones, which only say that they will only benefit developers. However, they blame this argument as false, since everything is wrapped in a climate of “complexity and confusion”and that both terms and conditions will only serve to “maintain Apple's dominant position in digital markets,” they explain.

app store logo

Regarding Apple's new commission system, established for links to external payment platforms, they say that These only serve to “maintain, and even amplify, their exploitation and domination over developers.”

Regarding privacy, they explain that “Apple is masking the unfounded privacy and security, to the detriment of users.”

To defend the arguments of the European Union, in the open and joint letter, they explain that the new regulations of the European Union “must create opportunities for real competitiveness.” And in the case of the role that Apple is playing in this situation, they argue that The company with the bitten apple “is going to erect new barriers and reinforce the dominant position in the iPhone ecosystem.”

The entities, organizations and companies, together, conclude with a clear and direct request to European organizations: “we urge the European Commission to take quick, timely and decisive actions against Apple, to protect developers and benefit to consumers, to the extent possible that the obligations of the new Digital Markets Law apply.