Things your iPhone can do when it runs out of battery

One might think that all the capabilities of the device are nullified when the iPhone runs out of battery. However, the reality is different.

Hidden functions when the iPhone runs out of battery

Even in a low battery state, the iPhone preserves certain very important functionalities, thanks to a power reserve designed for emergency situations. This feature is particularly evident in two specific functions: the ability to locate and track through “Find My iPhone” and the use of cards and keys in “Express Mode.”

Track and trace with “Find My iPhone”

Although an iPhone without a charge seems of little use, in reality it maintains a fraction of the energy that is destined to power its wireless chips, allowing functions such as “Search my Iphone” remain operational. This tracking capability, which works even when the device is turned off, is truly useful for locating a lost or stolen phone. If you've lost your iPhone, simply access the Find My app from your iPad or Mac. Once there, after entering your Apple ID credentials, you can access the device's last location. Hopefully this will help you recover your beloved iPhone.

The Search function is also available on other Apple devices such as the Apple Watch, iPad, Mac or AirPods.

Access to cards with “Express Mode”

This is perhaps one of the least known features. It is also a very useful function that our iPhone can perform even when we run out of battery. “Express Mode” is another notable feature that remains active without power to the device. Originally based on NFC technologynow use Bluetooth to facilitate contactless access to vehicles, payments or transportation cards, all without the need for authentication through Face ID or Touch ID, or unlocking the device. Although it is a function that can be useful in some circumstances, it can also be somewhat insecure and you have to know when to keep it activated or not.

express mode iPhone card

Although sometimes it may be more useful for us to manage battery life by activating saving mode, among other options, and maximizing its useful life to prevent the iPhone from turning off completely. These two functions that can be used even when the device is out of battery can be truly useful. On the one hand, to recover our iPhone in case we have forgotten or lost it. On the other hand, having access to our cards, not only credit, but also public transportation, student ID, etc. All of this can get us out of trouble at specific times.

And you? Did you know these functions that your iPhone is capable of keeping activated when it runs out of battery?