Apple advances inexorably like time, when it comes to the beta versions of its different operating systems. In this way we know that the third beta of iOS and iPadOS 16.5 have already been released. At the moment we have to continue trusting that these versions will be downloaded developers only who are the ones who are testing the versions in order to polish the OS for when the final version or even the public beta is released.

If you are a developer, you are already looking for a way to download the version of the operating system that is the third beta of iOS and iPadOS 16.5. Through the Web page that Apple has specifically enabled, you can download the operating system under test. That is why it is important that only those authorized download them and, above all, that they be installed only on secondary systems. That is, in terminals that we can consider testing. Because although the beta versions are quite stable, we must remember that they are not exempt from bugs that can leave the terminals in which it has been installed unusable. Thus, it is almost mandatory not to do it in main teams.

Developers and users who have tested the already released new version have not found anything interesting apart from the typical bug fixes and software improvements over previous versions. That does not mean that there is not, only that for the moment, they have not been found. It is logical because we are still too soon. We will continue to be aware of any news that may have been included in this third beta of iOS and iPadOS and we will tell you as soon as we know.

If you have discovered something of interest and want to share it, use the comments to this entry to tell us about those news that Apple may have included.