This Apple invention will change how we control our environment

Apple’s ecosystem of products and services is increasingly united and interconnected. Where before we had services that were capable of synchronizing between devices, now we have the devices themselves complementing each other’s uses. This 2023, Apple has opened a new chapter in its history in which virtual interfaces and environments are nourished by the material elements of our tangible reality, with the Apple Vision Pro. And it is, precisely, in that field, where this new impact patent.

In recent weeks, we have been telling you various information that has become known about the smart ring that Apple is developing in its offices. And now the news is that this ring is going to have more uses than expected. We have let you know that they are working on sensors that would give us physical inputs in our fingers, as well as compatibility with different devices. So here we tell you what they bring new.

This iPhone technology would reach the ring

It is customary for Apple to incorporate technologies from one product to another. The iPhone is a device that over the years has gained many functionalities, among them, the NFC chip, which arrived for the first time with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and whose main function was to take advantage of the new Apple Pay platform. , to make payments directly with your phone, without having to take out a physical card.

The NFC connection is a standard technological communication system, and it is precisely this system that would reach the ring, of which we only know rumors. The objective of incorporating this communications system into the ring? That it can communicate with other compatible devices, so that information can be exchanged between them.

It has been the specialized media Patently Apple who has echoed the document, and they explain several scenarios in which this could be useful. «A user is walking inside a building. The user observes an item located on a shelf, which contains an NFC tag with information. In addition, they explain how this system would work in the ring. «It can be used in measuring the environment surrounding the ring, and gather positioning information. For example, information on the orientation, location and/or movement of the ring.

illustrative image apple vision pro

All this data, along with the way of communicating, itself, of NFC technology would serve so that other compatible devices (the Apple Vision pro is mentioned as one of the main ones), could receive, wirelessly, information that the ring would transfer them based on the data it has collected and stored. Regarding the mixed reality viewer, it is also said that this ring could serve as an additional gestural control to the sensors that the glasses themselves already incorporate, in order to have a deeper and enriched interaction of the entire virtual environment, superimposed with the environment. of material reality.

Therefore, this device would change the way we interact with our environment, since we could be receiving all kinds of information in specific places, communicate with other compatible devices without realizing it, and have a new way with which to interact with the Apple’s upcoming software platform, visionOS.