This Apple laptop has more than 200 euros discount

When buying an Apple computer, it is true that you have to spend a good amount of money, and therefore, you have to think about it very well. However, there is always a way to save some money, so in this post we bring you a great deal on what is surely one of the best laptops you can find in the Apple Store. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discounts available

Obviously all the people who want to buy a MacBook try to do it in the most economical way possible, however, that is not always feasible, especially since Apple never discounts its products and, finding a good deal outside the Apple Store, neither It is easy. That is why this post is so valuable, since we give you the possibility of acquiring the new MacBook Air with M2 chip and 8 GB of RAM at a price considerably lower than what you have at Apple. These are the discounts available.

  • MacBook Air M2 with 256 GB of storage
    • White star color: 200 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 215 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 174 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 184 euros discount.

  • MacBook Air M2 with 512 GB of storage
    • White star color: 220 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 215 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 220 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 220 euros discount.

Is the MacBook Air M2 worth it?

As we said before, despite the fact that the offer that we have left you in this post is really incredible, the truth is that it is still a large amount of money and it is obvious that many ask themselves this question: is this really worth it? Apple computer? Well, the reality is that the MacBook Air is one of the devices with best value for money that you can find in the market, even more so with this piece of discount.

MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

Although there are already more powerful processors than the M2, such as the M2 Pro or the M2 MaxThis does not mean that it is bad or that it does not have enough power to satisfy the vast majority of users. You have to keep in mind that in this case this computer has 8 GB of RAM, which is something that does limit it when it comes to dedicating it to somewhat more demanding uses that require more power. However, for all those who want a computer for university or simply for perform everyday and common tasks of the daythis MacBook Air is the perfect machine for all of them, since its design is also spectacular, which together with its thinness and light weight, make it ideal to be able to transport it whenever you want.

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