This computer has changed history

Yesterday, one of Apple’s products turned fifteen, that is, it only has 3 left to come of age. Joking aside, it is a product that, of course, was capable of leaving everyone speechless and, above all and most importantly, managed to change the computer industry forever. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

One of the most iconic images in the history of Apple is the one in which Steve Jobs pulls the company’s new computer out of an envelope. That happened 15 years ago when those from Cupertino The MacBook Air was launched on the market.a laptop that came to break with everything that was on the market at that time and that, of course, marked a before and after in the history and market of laptops.

The MacBook Air and everything that came after it

When Steve Jobs introduced the first MacBook Air, no one could believe that it was a simple envelope that barely has a large thicknessthe leader of Apple could have taken out a laptop, and it is that although it is true that today there are really thin computers, 15 years ago the same was not the case, in fact, the opposite was true, the laptops were really thick and, on many occasions, they were anything but portable.

Apple Silicon MacBook Air M1 Review

It is true that at that time the MacBook Pro could already give some clues as to where Apple was going to go, and that is that in the end those of Cupertino have always been pioneers and a reference in terms of design it means. Now what happened to the MacBook Air impressed everyone. However, the great impact of this Apple team is not really in that moment, but in how the rest of the companies that also made laptops were going to take that minimalist and thin design as an example for their own products, and that is that we can say that the MacBook Air was ahead of its time.

As we said before, today it is really common to see ultra-thin laptops, without obviously neglecting power and performanceIn fact, the current MacBook Air has one of the most powerful processors that exists, the M2, its body is thinner than ever and, even so, the performance it offers is the best in its history, that is to say, that Thinness on many occasions does not have to be at odds with power, and the MacBook Air has demonstrated that very well.

MacBook Air M2 Midnight

Although well, to be fair the reality is that this has not always been like thatThat is why we say that the MacBook Air was really the laptop that in a way changed history, since since its launch, the rest of the companies that also made laptops have tended to imitate the desire for thinness that Apple demonstrated 15 years ago. , and the truth is that although it might seem easy, they have not been so fast, and it is that until very recently you could still see really large and bulky laptops, being an antithesis of what the MacBook Air was and is, so yes, we can say that that thin computer that Steve Jobs presented 15 years ago was truly ahead of its time.