Yesterday we showed you a concept of iOS 17 where design changes were experimented with by playing with the Dynamic Island of the latest iPhone. Design changes are expected for this new version of iOS but not as deep as those expected for watchOS. The latest leaks suggest that Apple could be working on far-reaching changes to the design and user interface that would arrive with the release of watchOS 10. This concept redesign home screen of the Apple Watch with widgets moving away from what we have always known in watchOS.

A facelift to the home screen in watchOS 10

Parker Ortolani has been in charge of publishing this new conceptual model of watchOS 10 in his twitter account. The idea of ​​publishing this concept is none other than the drift of rumors about a change in the watchOS user interface that we hope to have with watchOS 10. There is really no news, but there is speculation about a redesign of the home screen with a change in the launch of applications and the arrival of Live Activities, among others. watchOS 10 will be released alongside iOS and iPadOS 17 at WWDC 2023 which will take place from June 5 to 9 of this year.

Home screen redesigned as watchOS 10 concept

Apple Watch Ultra

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watchOS 10 will bring a major redesign to the Apple Watch interface

In the concept you can see above all Ortolani’s envisioned redesign of the watchOS home screen. Widgets of each application are introduced. For example, a music player in landscape format, large activity rings and the Weather app widget that shows information at a glance, among others. The fact of displaying the home screen like this completely changes the way we access applications loading the honeycomb-shaped framework that has been with us since the first version of watchOS and that is currently not very functional.

In the video published in one of his tweets, you can see how by scrolling we can enjoy all the interactive information offered by the widgets. An example of this is the Live Activities that can be configured for each of the apps installed on the Apple Watch. This way of viewing the home screen does not take the user away from the spheres that it is still the key view and that it would work as a “lock screen” but what changes is the access to the rest of the applications. Being able to enjoy more information from other applications without having to enter them. Will Apple have something like this concept in mind for watchOS 10?