This controversial Apple product has turned out to be a work of engineering

One of the products that has been the most talked about, after the presentation of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, has been the Thunderbolt cables. Thanks to them, if we buy them separately, we will have faster data transfer rates in the Pro models. This is possible since these have USB3 speeds. Now they have taken these cables and put them under a scanner, and they have found a feat of engineering.

Thunderbolt 4 cables are characterized by great versatility. They can be used to transfer electricity, data, and even images from an iPhone to a Thunderbolt monitor. And all this with the same cable.

Apple has launched an official proposal in this regard, but its price is somewhat high. And, 129 euros for a cable is not an investment that many people are willing to make. However, the price is better understood when you see the inside of one of these accessories.

The industrial design of the product is very complex

It must be taken into account that a cable of this type is capable of doing so many things, due to its internal construction. Thanks to the systems that they incorporate in their circuits, they have a wide variety of uses. Many more than what we can find in cheaper cables.

It was the English-speaking news outlet Appleinsider who echoed the images published by the Lumafield company. The firm has taken these cables and put them under the direct focus of an X-ray machine, to check what they have inside.

According to what they explain, “the cable has an incredible level of complex engineering, which does not fit with the other cables that have been scanned”. For that reason, these are at a higher stage. Not only in terms of the quality they are able to provide, but also in how they are manufactured inside.

The first thing that catches your attention is the 24 connection pins that it incorporates, which go from a miniature circuit board to the connection tip. They also announce other cables, such as the Amazon Basics brand, which reduces its number of connections by half: From the 24 pins, we now have only 12.

In addition to the pins, “the scanner reveals nine PCBA layers.” These acronyms correspond to the nomenclature of the type of printed circuit that this cable has inside. Altogether, we have cables that are capable of providing 100W of electricity power and up to 40Gb of data transfer rate.

As for the external construction of the cables, the official Apple ones have a length that fits within the standards that other manufacturers also use. In this case, these are cables that are 1.8 meters long.

And you? Would you spend 129 euros on a cable for your iPhone? It is important to note that these can also be used for Macs and iPads. Not just for charging anymore. But also, to connect them directly to an external monitor.

Via: Appleinsider