This could be the new function of the Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch is a device that is clearly focused on people’s health, in fact, all you have to do is check the number of functions it has, which are capable of measuring your pulse to the amount of oxygen in your blood. Well, a study carried out recently has been able to reveal the next function that the Apple Watch Series 9 could bring. Keep reading that we will tell you everything.

A study may have revealed the next feature of the Apple Watch

The novelties that Apple has been introducing in the latest Apple Watch models, except for the Ultra, are not really very striking, so many users expect the Series 9 to be a great revolution. Well, we cannot confirm it, but one of the functions that it could bring has been revealed by a recently published study.

Apparently, the Apple Watch currently has the necessary means and precision to be able to measure the stress of the users, all thanks to the heart rate sensor that it has. This sensor is qualified because it is capable of perfectly monitoring the variability of the users’ heart rate, a metric that is really important and revealing when measuring a person’s stress. In fact, it is known that those people who have the ability to easily vary their heart rate are less prone to stress and, therefore, happier people.

The study that has been carried out on the Apple Watch has consisted of taking six ECG readings a day for all the participants to create the HRV measurements that were used to thus measure the stress level of each user. Finally, it has been concluded that the Apple Watch currently has sufficient means to be able to measure the stress of the users, in addition, even if combined with sleep monitoring and physical activity recording carried out by the Watchthe results and the experience could be even better.

Activity on Apple Watch

The only thing Apple lacks to be able to offer this “service” to users is have an app that really transforms all this data that the Apple Watch can collect, into information for users. In fact, these types of apps already exist within the app storebut it could be one of the novelties that Cupertino have up their sleeves for the next model, which in theory will be the Apple WatchSeries 9. If this function is added to the possibility of measuring body temperature at any time and, in addition, a slight design change that is more similar to what is currently the Apple Watch Ultra, without a doubt that the Series 9 will be the model that all users have been waiting for a true evolution and a real change in the Apple Watch for a long time.