This function of Apple glasses will leave you speechless

Apple is in style, and it is that after the announcement of the economic results of the second quarter, the news has not stopped coming in the form of launches and great news for all users who enjoy Apple products. Well, you can’t miss one of the latest features that the company’s mixed reality glasses may have. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Time passes very quickly, so much so that There is less than a month left for Apple to carry out the Keynote corresponding to WWDCan event that is supposed to be truly historic because of everything that can be found in it, in fact, a good sign that it has something very big prepared is that this week the Cupertino company has announced through a note one of the functions that all users have been asking for for years, and that is that both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available on iPad starting May 23So everything that has to count on June 5th has to be really strong to force this out like this.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro also on Apple glasses

Entering the WWDC theme, one of the products that Apple will almost certainly present in this Keynote will be mixed reality glassesWell, one of the most reputable Apple analysts, the great mark gurmanwho has expressed and recounted one of the great benefits that this product that is generating so much hype could have.

According to Gurman, mixed reality glasses could copy the iPadthat is to say, that with them it will foreseeably be possible to run both Final Cut Pro and Logic ProThis is something that was unknown up to now and, of course, if it ended up being a reality it would be something really fantastic that would make many users have this great need to acquire a product that, according to what has been rumored, is not going to be especially cheap. This news comes after Apple announced the presence of these two apps on the iPad, since according to what is known so far about Apple’s mixed reality glasses, it is that they will be able to run iPad apps, so if this were really so it would make perfect sense that both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro could be used with this new product.

apple glasses

However, it must be remembered that they are just rumorsso you have to be really careful with the expectations that are created about this product, especially considering that there are only a few weeks left for the Cupertino company itself to tell us first-hand what this product really consists of. product and, above all and most importantly, what users are going to be able to do with them, which is the big question that many ask themselves, how Apple is going to generate the need in users so that many start buying them.