This hidden section of the Apple website will surprise you

Beyond buying products and receiving technical assistance, the Apple website has hidden sections that can be very useful. In today’s post we bring you one that is useful for determine if the technical service to which we are going to have (or not) official Apple parts and spare parts. So that, when we go to repair our devices, we can be sure that, indeed, it is an authorized provider in that sense.

The importance of verifying if a workshop is official

All technical services authorized by the company are part of a “database” from which Apple monitors if they meet the necessary criteria and requirements to be considered authorized. The fact of being a workshop supported by Apple not only implies being able to use the brand name officially, but also guarantees access for repair centers to exclusive audiovisual training material regarding the products and how to use them. they are repaired.

In addition to the training and knowledge, the centers authorized by Apple have the official parts and tools of the company with which to carry out the different jobs. So that, the centers that are endorsed have the same “raw materials” with which to fix and provide service to all the products that enter.

So, if we take into account that Apple has controlled all the centers that are part of its authorized centers, it is logical to see how they have a section on their official website, in which we can check if that specific center is (or is not ) official or authorized. Thus, it is an extra layer of trust for the user, and it is also a good way to prevent fraud against establishments that, without being accredited by Apple, use the brand name and say that they repair with official parts. But really it’s not so.

So you can check if the workshop is authorized

This section of the Apple website is somewhat hidden, and it is necessary to carry out some specific steps to be able to access it. However, here is a direct link to it, so you can start verifying the information.

The section is called Apple Authorized Service Providers and Independent Repair Providers. The operation of the site is very simple. The first of all that we are going to see is an interface in which you have to fill in three fields with the following data:

  • Provider’s name
  • Country or region
  • City

check apple workshop

In the case of Spain, for example, we see the list of all the cities in which there is at least one service provider authorized by Apple. Of course, you have to know that the name of the center is going to have to be written by hand. Therefore, there is no predefined list of providers that we can select.

If when we have filled in all the fields, and we have written the name of the center that interests us, the result will appear at the bottom of the search engine. In addition to verifying if it is (or not) authorized, we will also be shown the contact information so that we can go or call the repair center.