This iPad is basic, but it has all the best of Apple at an irresistible price

The iPad is one of Apple’s most versatile devices. Thanks to their different models, they all have different approaches, but maintaining the essence of what an iPad is: the screen where anything can happen. In today’s post we bring you the most basic model of the iPad on offer, the 9th generation model. And its price is irresistible. So if you want to have the best entry door into the Apple ecosystem, paying as little as possible, this offer is for you.

The ninth generation iPad is currently the entry-level device for the iPad range. And if you have never had an Apple device, it may also be the best model that you can start using, to familiarize yourself with the ecosystem in a very simple and economical way.

This iPad is now worth less than 400 euros

Even though it is an input device, iPads have prices that can be somewhat higher than what we might expect at first. But we are talking about offers, hence it is a device that, given its characteristics, is now much more profitable to purchase.

In this case, the ninth generation model maintains the traditional design lines of the iPad, with edges on the screen, Home button with Touch ID and physical Lightning connection port. In addition, it has the Apple A13 Bionic processor, which will give us great performance and autonomy in simple tasks, such as controlling aspects of our smart home.

It is also the best iPad with which we can consume content. We have at our disposal a large number of applications with which we can enjoy music, series, books and even video games thanks to their compatibility with the Apple Arcade service.

And if we want to give it an extra touch of functionality, you also have to know that it works with the first generation Apple Pencil. Now, below we will tell you what configuration it is.

In this case it is the model with 64GB of internal SSD storage capacity, Wi-Fi connection and Silver color. The official price marked in the Apple Store is 429 euros. However, thanks to the 19% price reduction on Amazon, Now it is only 349 euros. So we are going to be saving 50 euros.

The Apple ecosystem vitamins it a lot

Apple not only has a large catalog of products. It also has it when it comes to services. And if we don’t know where to start, this iPad is compatible with the vast majority of them. To start, we have an immeasurable catalog of high-resolution music at our disposal, thanks to Apple Music.


Do you want to watch a series or a movie? You can subscribe to Apple TV+ to enjoy the entire repertoire of Apple Originals content. Do you want to play video games without ads? Apple Arcade offers us hundreds of games, in high quality, and from renowned development studios. Do you want books? Thanks to Apple Books, and the book and audiobook store, we will be able to have all the libraries we want.