This iPhone function could return thanks to Samsung

FaceID is the default security identification technology on the iPhone. However, this has not always been the case. Before facial recognition, the standard biometric technology in Apple phones went through fingerprints. And although the TouchID system is present in Macs and some iPad Pro models, little (or nothing) remains of it in the latest iPhone models. But maybe this situation could change thanks to Samsung.

Apple’s competition is also your ally

Although outwardly, Samsung is a rival manufacturer in terms of the segment of smartphones, the truth is that, at the same time, it is one of the main manufacturers of OLED panels for iPhone screens. The English-speaking media Appleinsider has recently reported that the new panel designed by the South Korean company has incorporated different sensors, among which is the detect and scan fingerprints. In this case, it is located below the screen, and it is common to see this technology implemented in Android phones from other manufacturers.

However, the differential point is that it could be, according to reports, that these new designs at the construction level could end up reaching the iPhone. If this comes to pass, it would mean the return of fingerprint recognition technology to the latest iPhone models, without having to resort to design recycling. Currently, the iPhone models that continue to incorporate TouchID technology are the iPhone SE 2nd and 3rd generation, which are based on the original design of the iPhone 6, with the difference that the Home button is not physical, but haptic. On these models, the fingerprint sensor is on that button, and not on the screen.

For now it’s just a rumor

It is important to emphasize that this information, at least for now, and without official confirmation from both manufacturers, are rumors that have arisen as a result of the latest movements that have been produced.

This part of a first stream of information that explains that “Apple has been working on a technology that could offer a unified fingerprint sensor under the screen. And Samsung could have provided a solution to this sensor, “they explain from Appleinsider.

iphone se 1

However, apart from the incorporation of the sensors, there is another main current, from which this rumor is fed. “Other reports say that Apple may be working on a built-in under-display FaceID system, which may not arrive until at least 2025. So it may also be possible that TouchID may not return to the iPhone.”

So, at the moment we have a panorama in which Samsung has been incorporating new sensors incorporated into the OLED panel of the screens itself. In turn, it is the main manufacturer of this component of the iPhone. On Apple’s part, the design changes and reduction of the Notch, and going on to have the Dynamic Island in the iPhone 14 Pro, make us think that perhaps this technology could be back in the near future.