This is Apple’s problem with the iPad

The iPad Pro and the 10th generation iPad These are the last two products presented by Apple in 2022, where the first of them includes news for both graphic designers and video editors and the second, a device more focused on the user accessing the world of the iPad and biting the bitten apple. . However, despite the fact that different segments may appear at one time, the Apple iPad have a problem that we are going to analyze below.

iPadOS, guilty?

There is no doubt that iPadOS has taken a significant leap in terms of features and functionalities that you can do with the iPad, completely changing the way we interact with it. However, the degree of development of the specific operating system for iPad takes several years with subtle small improvements, causing that it is not an ideal equipment for many users, being the ideal complement for the Mac.

The accessories They are also a problem for Apple, since with the entry of the tenth generation iPad with a UBS-C connector, you can perform the same functions as the iPad Pro, such as connecting external ports. In addition, the Apple Pencil of first and second generation They perform practically the same functionalities, so you have to have a very specific and professional use to opt for an iPad Pro and not for a lower range iPad.

What can you do with an iPad Pro that you can’t do with an iPad?

The tenth generation iPad is a device that It allows you to do practically the same activities as the iPad Pro. It is true that you will find hardware differences such as better screen quality, a less powerful processor or the possibility of using professional applications such as Da Vinci Resolve, which is only available for the iPad Pro with the M2 chip.

AirPods Pro on iPad

Except for this small punctuality, the entire photoshop suite, Affinity or even Luma Fusion is available for all versions of iPadOS, so if you want to edit video professionally, the processor of all iPads will give you excellent performance. exceptional. What can you do with iPad Pro that you can’t do with another iPad?. That is the question that all users have to ask ourselves.

What is the real problem with iPads?

The real problem with iPads is a mix difficult problems. One of his biggest headaches is that one of the Apple flagship devices I know overlap between its segments and they rival each other without easily appreciable differences between them. Likewise, Apple can’t lower the price of its devices to compete with cheaper tablets because it is not a market segment that interests Cupertino. Therefore, where did it turn? Towards the Macs

iPad Air + Apple Pencil

Apple strives to prove that an iPad is the true substitute for a computer, however, we return to the software limitation in many professional apps like Final Cut Pro or Blender. Therefore, we all have to ask ourselves this question, What is the real problem with iPads? and the most important of all, it has a solution?