This is Apple’s secret to being so secure

Have you ever read any news about why the best computer scientists in the world find it difficult to unlock an iPhone or it is impossible to access them without Apple giving them a code that facilitates their access. In this post, we are going to see a section where Apple is the King, and many users do not appreciate the importance of the security of our devices.

Security and privacy, that’s Apple

Privacy and security have been two fundamental issues for all members of the Californian company. Proof of this is found in the news that Apple includes in all its system updates, which always include security and privacy measures. These measures are not only the main Apple devices, but are designed to protect the entire system from the bitten apple.

encryption system

iOS, macOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and the rest of Cupertino’s operating systems are known for the ssecurity that it grants to its users. This security is due to the encryption system that I introduce since the arrival of iCloud. Additionally, Apple advises taking all backups to iCloud due to its ability to prevent security breaches.

This security system and improvement of the same takes iOS 9 constantly improving. Some of its best are the “Find my iPhone” option or from the page itself, delete all the data we have on our iPhone as well as georeference its location.

Advanced technology systems such as Touch ID or Face ID, makes it so that no one can access your device and only those people who know the code or who have authorization from the user can enter.

app store

The App Store is the main platform for obtaining applications from all Ap devicesple. This secure and stable environment allows developers to create apps for users to download. All applications to be located in the system, have to go through strict security controls and constant updates, because, if not, Apple removes applications that do not meet security criteria.


The way that Apple runs downloaded apps on its devices is different from how Google runs on Android, so it leads to situations different in terms of safety. When you run an app on the iPhone, the app has its own “enclosed space” so malware that can affect the app cannot spread to the rest of the device.

Safari and Siri, the most secure web browser

Although it is true that Google Chrome is behind Safari, the privacy and security provided by Apple’s native browser is beyond doubtblocking cookies, insecure pages and the inability to continue tracking your movement to facilitate the search you have on the internet.

MacBook Air Dock

With regard to Siri, the searches we perform are fully encrypted and never use your Apple ID to find out which user makes the requests to Apple’s virtual assistant, neither Apple itself, nor anyone related to it.

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