This is everything Apple will present this year

The year 2023 has already begun, and of course, if all the rumors that have circulated about the new products that the Cupertino company could present this year are taken into account, we are facing one of the company’s most prominent in recent years. , since it not only seems that numerous products will come, but that the novelties of these will be really outstanding. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The most anticipated releases

Obviously, within everything that Cupertino has prepared for this new year 2023, there are some products that are more desired than others, and it is precisely for them that we are going to start. The first of all, like every year, is the iPhone 15 and the 4 models that are expected to be seen. It will surely be a year of many changes in Apple’s flagship since everything indicates that USB-C will finally arrive, accompanied by a design change that is assumed and, by the arrival in iOS of the possibility of downloading apps. that are not in the App Store.

Apple Watch It also seems that it will arrive this year with important changes, at least in terms of design and performance, especially considering that we come from really continuous years, except for the Apple Watch Ultra, obviously. Where changes are also expected is in the iPad Pro, at least a hypothetical larger iPad Pro is rumored, being able to reach 15 inches, something that many users have been asking for and that we will see if Apple ends up making it a reality or not. Of course, in the rest of the models no great novelties are expected.

One of the most anticipated products is without a doubt the Mac Pro, which is really the only Apple computer that has not yet been updated with its own processor. Everything seems to indicate that it will arrive in 2023, also sooner rather than later and, it will be necessary to see if it is also accompanied by the long-awaited 27-inch iMac.

mac pro

More news from Apple in 2023

We are still talking about computers, and it is that another of the changes that are assumed have to do with the entire range of Mac which still has an M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra chip, which will foreseeably make the leap to its corresponding range within the M2 series. Special attention to the Mac mini that could come with a design change and to the iMac, which could also update the range of colors available.

macbook pro m2

Another of the products that have been rumored for 2023 has a lot to do with computers, and they are the monitors. Apple currently has 2 options in its catalog, which could be 3 by the end of the year since it seems that the Cupertino company’s plans include incorporating one more option between the Studio Display and the Pro Display XDR.

If we talk about music, it doesn’t seem that in terms of headphones There is going to be something new beyond a possible color update on the AirPods Max. Now, where new things could arrive is in the HomePodfrom a new HomePod, to also updating the mini model that users have liked and fallen in love with so much.

iPad 10 + AirPods Max

Finally, we cannot miss the opportunity to mention the famous and expected virtual or augmented reality glasses, because it is still not clear where Apple will go with this long-awaited product. Predictably, 2023 could be the year chosen by the Cupertino company to launch this product, but there are still no firm rumors about it.