This is how Apple Podcasts automatic transcriptions work in iOS 17.4

The first developer beta of iOS 17.4 has revolutionized the perspectives we had regarding future iOS 17 updates. As you already know, it will be in this update that Apple will adapt all its operating systems to comply with the Digital Markets Law of the European Union. However, other functions are also added such as Automatic transcription of all Apple Podcasts episodes as a maneuver to increase accessibility to this type of content. Available in English, French, German and Spanish, in addition to being accessible in more than 170 countries.

Automatic transcriptions in Apple Podcasts, new in iOS 17.4

Apple Podcasts is one of the most used applications today for listen, follow and find new podcasts for our free time. iOS 17.4 will be the next major iOS update that will arrive in the spring as Apple has confirmed on many occasions and one of the functions that it has decided to introduce are the automatic episode transcriptions from Apple Podcasts.

Thanks to this feature, the audience will be able to read the full text of an episode as well as search for a specific phrase or word within an episode and manage playback directly from the text itself. Additionally, just as we can follow the lyrics of the songs on Apple Music, as the podcast progresses, the transcription lights up to make it easier to follow.

Apple automatically generates transcripts when a new episode is published. The episode will be available to listen to immediately and the transcript will be available shortly after. There will be a brief delay while we process the transcript.

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Apple has already confirmed that Compatible transcripts will be in Spanish, English, French and German. and will be accessible from more than 170 regions around the world. On the other hand, it has also been notified that the lyrics of the songs that appear within the podcasts will not be transcribed nor will the transcriptions of any modification of the original audio.

Remember that Apple Podcasts transcriptions are done automatically and the podcast author can later download the transcription to add it to other platforms. This feature will arrive with the release of iOS 17.4, in the coming months.