This is how Apple rewards loyalty

Apple Quality Awards

While it is true that Apple has had this award program of honor for some time, now the 9to5Mac medium has had exclusive access to internal Apple documents that show the details of its construction, packaging and manufacturing. Apple currently has five levels of honor awards: 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and 40 years of work and dedication to the company.

Although the honorary awards for 5 years of work are a diploma signed by Tim Cook, the interesting thing about the other four lies both in their shape and in their manufacturing process. “There are around 25 to 30 steps in the making of each prizewithout counting the signature and packaging ”, they explain from 9to5Mac.

To begin with, the construction materials are of a very high quality. The medium explains that the honor awards for 10 and 20 years have the same recycled aluminum with which the bodies of the Mac mini and MacBook Air are manufactured. On the other hand, the prizes for 30 and 40 years They are made of solid blocks of stainless steel. The 30 year award is two solid halves that are joined in the middle and polished to a brilliant shine. The 40-year-old, in addition to gluing the two halves and polishing, is covered in a dark color before it is assembled.

Apple used to make these crystal honor awards, but in 2019 they decided to change the entire design and manufacturing process. “Apple announced the new program in 2018,” they explain. “Apple designers and engineers had been working on them for more than two years. It was a collaboration between multiple teams, including the industrial design team, the manufacturing design team, and more,” they report from 9to5Mac.

As additional details, the names of the employees who receive the award are engraved on the body of the award, as well as the anniversary date on which the milestone was achieved. As well as the giant apple logo, which is made of stainless steel.

apple awards packaging

The packaging of these prizes, as they explain, is “all fiber-based packaging, including all the wrappers and the structure of the box.” Also, “for the 30s and 40s, because of the highly polished surface, we’re putting in a microfiber cloth so it can stay nice and clean.” As can be seen in the images that 9to5Mac attached to his article, the award gives off the same sensations than when we first unboxed an Apple product. The quality of its materials, construction and products, from what is seen, is not only for the public. The same company, “from the inside”, benefits from the qualities that it grants to users.