This is how Apple sends replacement Vision Pro units with Apple Care+

The Apple Vision Pro is an expensive product. And from Apple the figures of what repairs cost have already been made public. In the event that we do not have Apple Care+ contracted, the entire replacement of the product costs almost the same as buying new ones. That is why, in this scenario, it is important to have protection. Now the first images of the replacement Vision Pro are beginning to be shown, and in this article we are going to introduce them to you.

It was the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac that echoed the data. And everything has come about as a result of a video, in which a user explains the process of having broken the glasses, and then requests a replacement unit, through the Apple Care+ service. Do you want to see what the process is like? We tell you!

Apple sends you the Vision Pro this way

When we buy an Apple Vision Pro, in the box we find each and every one of the accessories. We have the battery, the grips and straps, the cables, etc. However, when we want to request a replacement unit through the Apple Care+ program, things change.

Apple's mechanics when sending this type of replacement is based on a premise of simplicity: only the product or component that is affected is sent to us. In the case of the new mixed reality headset, the scenario is the same. The creator shows in the video a Vision Pro unit completely broken at the front.

What is really affected is the front with all the broken glass. However, everything related to the grips, as well as the rest of the parts that make up the glasses, is intact. Therefore, when you ordered your replacement unit, Apple sent you the following:

  • A box in which there is only the front part of the Vision Pro (where everything is processed)
  • A SIM extractor tool
  • A digital instruction manual so you can disassemble your current Vision Pro unit

He himself shows a process in which he has to disassemble his damaged Vision Pro unit, and then move the rest of the components to the new, completely new front case. Thanks to the digital instruction manual, he can follow, step by step, all the instructions provided by Apple so that he can disassemble all the grips.

As for the packaging of the replacement Vision Pro, we have minimalism at its finest: a white box that opens, in which inside we find the front part of the viewfinder, which is covered by a strip of paper attached to prevent the glass from being scratched.

The Apple Vision Pro has an expensive price when it comes to replacing the glass, if we do not have Apple Care+. The replacement cost is $799. While in the case of replacing all the glasses it is $2,399