This is how I chose the ideal desktop for my Mac mini and Samsung Studio M8

This is how I chose the ideal desktop for my Mac mini and Samsung Studio M8

I can spend more than 10-12 hours in front of my desk between the work of this editorial, my master’s degree and other minor 3D projects that I execute every day in this direction. Consequently, we need to have a good desk to work comfortably and avoid bad posture and muscle problems in the future. Therefore, if all of us readers and people who spend a large part of our day sitting at a work table are clear about one thing, it is that we need a very good study desk. Therefore, we are going to see in this post we are going to see what sections we have to take into account in their selection.


First of all and more so if we have a desktop of Apple products is to talk about the design, which has to be in perfect harmony with the rest of the devices on the bitten apple. In this sense, the desktop will depend largely on the product you have, since a yellow 24-inch iMac is not the same as a silver Mac Studio.

In this sense, I have a Mac mini, so the wood-colored tables give it a much warmer and more pleasant touch. However, you can add a glass or add other additional materials. We also have to take into account metal tables, which can come in handy depending on your set-up and, above all, depending on the finish you have chosen.


Once we have discussed the design, we have to consider its size, which is essential, especially because I have a 32-inch screen, a Mac mini and a MacBook Pro, which causes anxiety if we have a very small space and more. If we have to add additional accessories such as the desk, keyboard, screen, Wi-Fi, case and pages if you need to write down any information.

iMac accessory

Therefore, having a large workspace improves our concentration and productivity and therefore, if you are going to have many “things” involved, the best thing you can do is look for a large desk, where the width has more weight than the length. . Otherwise, if what you want to have nearby are several files, notebooks or other accessories such as the iPad, a desk that is longer than wide may be better for you. It makes sense, it is essential to answer what your daily use will be, it will be essential to make the best decision. In my case, look for a symbiosis between both elements, that is, a wide desk, but long enough for everything I have mentioned above and not feel anxiety.

Finally, we have to add an additional component. In this case, they are the new revolution in study tables such as elevating tables, which are tables that can come in very handy if you start editing video or finishing polishing an image in Photoshop or carrying out very simple and You can stand and even (without being distracted) with a walker to avoid sitting for so many hours and stop having such a sedentary life as people who spend so many hours in front of a computer have.

In conclusion, the wood and the size of the space were the two reasons that drove the choice of studio, which has helped me work more comfortably and without muscle contractures as a result of spending so many hours in front of it. Why is it not elevatable? Because the Samsung monitor already is and the budget was limited.