This is how I extend the life of my MacBook

Well, MacBooks are one of the longest lasting laptops, and if we continue a series of tipswe can make these last up to 10 years while being fully functional, but of course, like any equipment, we have to take some care.

How to extend the life of a Mac

At this point we can differentiate 2 important parts, although they are usually related. The first is the batterywith which we will have to be careful so that over the years it remains as the first day (or at least as good as possible), and on the other hand, the general hardwarethat is, the rest of the parts and components that make it up, which do not degrade as quickly, but we can reduce it even more.

Obviously, we will not talk about the screen, chargers and external elements. We all know how to take care of them, and having a dirty, scratched or broken screen will no longer depend on our advice but on your caution. I know people who have to change the charger every year because it peels, and others who have had the same one for 10 years, still the same.

Well, starting with the battery, there are 2 important tips. The first is always have the charger plugged in As long as we can, this will ensure that the battery is not used, and, therefore, its cycles or use will not increase, thus avoiding its degradation. And, on the other hand, the charging moment, which, like mobile phones and other equipment with lithium batteries, It is not good for them to be completely discharged or charged, with between 20% and 80% being the best limits for it. So if you see that it is running out, don't wait until the last minute to plug it in, whenever you can of course.

And as for general hardware, we are not going to give the typical advice of not using high-performance programs or games that overheat the computer or anything like that, since if we have a Mac, it is not only for watching movies, but We will want to take advantage of it in whatever we want.

Mac Powder

For this there is a better recommendation, and that is that, in the end, the hardware is not infinite, and there is no way for it to last longer, however, there is a way for this process to be slower, and that is what degrades the components is that, the temperature, but to do this we will not avoid demanding programs, but rather we will make sure your Mac is always in perfect condition.

What does this mean? That we must always keep it clean, thus avoiding dust and dirt, which is what enters inside it and causes it to overheat. Therefore, not smoking, or not bringing it close to animals, are two of the most important tips. And if you do, open our equipment and clean it inside regularly, not letting years pass. Since it will accumulate in the fans and other components, overheating them and degrading them excessively.