iOS 18 Beta 2 is now available and the main novelty is iPhone Mirroring that allows you to view and control your iPhone from your Mac. Even though it is not available in Europe, we have tested it and shown you how it works.

One of the main new features of iOS 18 is the integration with macOS 15 (Sequoia) to the point that we will not only be able to see our iPhone on our Mac, but also We can use it using our mouse or trackpad and the keyboard of our computer. This functionality also allows you to see the notifications that arrive to your iPhone on your Mac, and even be able to manage them. This novelty was one of the ones that generated the most interest at the last WWDC when Apple showed us the new features of iOS 18 and macOS 15 and we were looking forward to trying it out.

Apple's problems in Europe due to non-compliance with the DMA (Digital Markets Law) have caused Apple to decide that this functionality, among others, is not available for users in Europe, but despite this we have been able to test it. For it You must not only have Beta 2 of iOS 18 installed, but also macOS 15, and to bypass the restriction you must have the application store on your iPhone and your Mac with a US account. If you meet these requirements, you will be able to access all the functionality of iOS 18 that Apple has released so far, and this is how we have been able to test iPhone Mirroring.

In addition to these requirements, you must have your iPhone and your Mac with the same iCloud account, have WiFi activated on both (connected to the same WiFi network) and Bluetooth also active, and with that the iPhone Mirroring icon will appear in the application dock. As long as your iPhone is locked, you can see and manage it from your Mac. Despite being a first beta of this function, the truth is that it is surprising how fluid it works, we even show how you can play on your iPhone from the Mac. We recommend that you watch the video to see everything that can be done with this new function. What doesn't work yet is being able to see the notifications, it seems that at the moment they are limited to those from native iOS apps.