This is how long the Vision Pro battery really lasts

It must be taken into account that it is a first model and that its operating system is probably not completely polished, since, despite being officially launched, we would still be in what is considered a beta of it.

How long does the Vision Pro battery last?

Like any product, this will depend on its use, although in the case of Apple glasses, there are not so many different ones, but rather 2. The use of applications, which will depend on the one chosen for consumption, and the playback of the video in 4D.

If we focus on general use, although today we do not have applications like Netflix, which would be a great app to measure this consumption, we find that we will be able to wear the Vision Pro for approximately 2 hours and 26 minuteswhich, despite not being a great autonomy, is not bad at all.

Many users complain about its weight, and that, after a long time, it can become annoying, so having 2 and a half hours of consumption I don't think it falls short. At least in this first model, since we assume that the following ones will be lighter and with greater autonomy. Although of course, for the price they have, some will criticize this, and it is normal.

If we go to video playbackthe autonomy improves a little, and would reach 3 hours and 9 minutesso we also believe that it may be more than enough time to recall our memories again.

All of this, as we mentioned, will depend on the app used, since, as happens in other products (iPhone, iPad, Mac…), playing a powerful video game is not the same as using the notes app, one of them will consume much more battery, of course.

At the time of charge our Vision Prowe will have to wait approximately 1 hour and a half for full use (100%). Something logical and that falls within the estimated ranges.

Zoom on Apple Vision Pro

In short, the battery of these glasses neither pleases nor disappoints. They would be quite normal values ​​for the first units. We will see how they improve (or worsen) with the arrival of more applications and operating system updates. As soon as there are more reviews and real analyzes (hopefully we can try it ourselves) we will give you more reference values.

And you, what do you think of its battery life? Do you think that for the price paid it should be more? Or is it more than enough time for you and you wouldn't mind charging it every 3 hours of use? It is likely that at first it will be the novelty, and we will use them more, but once we get into a routine, being able to watch a complete movie with a battery charge seems more than enough, at least for me, trying not to be critical, at least for now.