This is how someone else can unlock my Mac

Thanks to him, we can unlock our Macs in a matter of milliseconds and in a very safe way. As well as installing applications or giving permissions, without having to enter the password, but can I share it with another person?

Can 2 people use the same TouchID?

It is possible that you have a computer that you want to protect with a password, but that you also want to share with your partner, family member, friend, etc. I have known people who do it, and only one of them uses the fingerprint, while the other accesses using the password, and that is not necessary.

Thanks to macOS we can add more than one footprintnot only to have the option of accessing it with several of our fingers, but so that another person can also do it on the same account.

To do this, if you no longer remember how you configured the device, I will explain what you have to do. You will only have to:

  • Select Apple menu > System Settings (or Preferences) > Touch ID.
  • Click “Add Fingerprint” to add a new fingerprint.

At this moment you will be able to select the preferred options, as well as add as many as you want, whether yours or someone else's. Of course, for security, to do this, you will have to know the password or use the fingerprint already registered.

And that's it, from now on your Mac will detect both fingerprint combinationsand whether you or another authorized person, you will both be able to access it without having to enter your fingerprint at all times.

This method is much saferespecially if we are in a public place, since we have to write a password by hand, and today there are many cameras that could record our combination, as well as people who can see us writing it.

However, if we use the fingerprint, no one will be able to find out our data, and even if they wanted to steal the device, they would not be able to access it, since they do not know the combination, and they are not going to also steal our finger. That is why it is highly recommended that, whenever you can, you access with this security method.

Mac Footprint

If you have questions or want to read the tutorial that Apple itself presents to us, we leave you here the support page where it explains it, since it could change over time depending on the version of MacOS or computer you have.

And you, did you know this method? It is something that also works on iPhones that continue to use TouchID, although it is true that on a mobile it is more complicated for us to share it, but the method would be the same, and Apple allows us add more fingerprints, so, voluntarily or not, it lets us make it someone else's, since it cannot distinguish if they are both ours. Of course, don't forget the password, you never know when you may need it, don't get too used to the fingerprint and one day you won't remember it.