This is how the Apple Watch and the Apple Vision Pro could come together

Do you want to know if your Apple Watch has the ability to perform specific functions with the Apple Vision Pro? In the latest Apple patent news, the possibility has been revealed that an Apple Vision Pro feature could make its debut on the Apple Watch soon, below we explain what it is about.

This rumor, initially shared by Patently Applesuggests that the function called “Realistic Avatar” Vision Pro could find its way to work through the Apple Watch. But what exactly does this feature entail and how could it transform the experience of Apple Watch users?

Realistic Avatar on Apple Watch

Apparently, the function would be called realistic avatar and would consist of the scanning the user's face to create an avatar that is not only faithful to physical appearance, but can also speak and move in real time. Until now, this feature has been reserved for FaceTime on Vision Pro-compatible devices, but the possibility of its arrival on the Apple Watch raises interesting questions and new possibilities.

According to information provided by Patently Apple, implementing this feature on the Apple Watch would require users to add images of their faces and hands through the sensors and cameras on the back of the device. This action would not only establish a unique connection between the user and the Apple Watch, but could also represent a gateway for those who want to experiment with augmented/virtual/mixed reality technology without having to make an investment of €3,500 in the Apple Vision Pro.

The integration of the Apple Vision Pro and the Apple Watch

For those less familiar, the Apple Vision Pro from Apple is a mixed reality computer (as Apple defines it) that is shaped like glasses. This designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday life, whether for work or leisure time and allows the user to view their surroundings while using augmented reality technology to overlay virtual elements on the physical environment. Connectivity with other Apple devices will be a key aspect of this ecosystem.

The Vision Pro's design allows users to perform day-to-day work-related tasks or simply enjoy time at home without losing contact with their surroundings. The integration with other Apple devices, such as the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C that support lossless audio and the future ability of the iPhone 15 to record spatial videos, is an example of the importance of creating synergy between devices, something we have been discussing previously .

Apple Watch series 9 and Ultra series 02

The potential of augmented reality on the Apple Watch

The possible transfer of this technology to the Apple Watch suggests a very important strategy on Apple's part. Apple is not only looking to innovate in hardware with the Apple Vision Pro, but it is also using these new capabilities to drive adoption of its services and strengthen its position in the augmented or mixed reality market, as they prefer to call it.

So the future of the Apple Watch could be about to get even more incredible with the possible introduction of this feature related to the Apple Vision Pro. As Apple continues to explore the frontiers of augmented reality, we can expect a more immersive and connected between our devices. The question now is when we will see this innovation come to our Apple Watch and how it will transform our daily interaction with technology.