This is how the new WhatsApp affects the iPhone

WhatsApp is launching putting all the meat on the grill at the beginning of 2023, launching new versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android. In this post, we are going to see the novelties that this generation includes and we will analyze what the aforementioned changes mean from a user point of view.

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You will be able to download this update from the App Store, in the same way that you have always done it. Regarding the news, we are going to make a brief description of the four most important news:

  • Voice notes in states: Users will finally have a new novelty that is the possibility of being able to emit voice notes in the audios and that all their friends can listen to it. Within the voice notes, we will be able to put the voice notes in the WhatsApp states, as well as send the voice notes from the state.
  • Drag an image in PNG format: for all users who update their devices to iOS 16, they will be able to take an image from the photos app and drag it to WhatsApp in PNG format to create a Sticker. This option is only available for WhatsApp for iPhone and for users who update to iOS 16.

  • Detect text inside images: This new function, exclusive to iOS 16, allows users to select text in images and to copy, select all, consult, among other multitude of options. It will detect all possible information such as letters, numbers, degrees Celsius, location of towns, etc. However, the possibility of accessing this information is only available in those open photos, that is, we cannot execute this option in the photos that have been sent to us to see it once.

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  • New controls for administrators: WhatsApp is also using the arrival of new controls for administrators so that anyone in a group sends you an invite link and administrators can accept and delete the removal request or accept said users. This option appears in the “pending participations” window.
  • Search Engine Improvements: When you go to search for a user, the user and the groups you share with him will appear in the search engine, so you can go directly to the individual or group chat.

Advertising in 2023?

WhatsApp is working on Boost Status, a platform within WhatsApp that will allow all WhatsApp States that want to promote their services to other users to increase. In this sense, the states that go up on Facebook will also be able to upload it to WhatsApp and be able to send them to other characters. Of course, we will not consider it as Spam, but as advertising because it may appear as sponsored. Currently, this option is in the beta phase, but it will surely be implemented throughout the current year 2023.

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Finally, within the Beta option, we incorporate other options such as establishing a maximum of one vote per user and per survey, in order to avoid being able to vote again several times and several options. Also, we will be able to set messages and conversations both individually and in groups about a specific message, such as the time you have the meeting or the time you have left to go eat with friends.