This is how WiFi-7 works, which will most likely reach the iPhone 16 Pro

This adaptation is expected only on the part of the Pro modelsso it is more than reliable that the next Apple devices will have it, to further differentiate themselves from the basic model, which is likely to eventually increase its screen frequency.

iPhone 16 Pro with WiFi-7?

Now, what does this mean? What features or improvements does it have compared to what we have today? Well, the main difference, as you can imagine, is its speedand this new WiFi technology would reach the 46Gbpsthe current largest being the one with WiFi-6E which reaches 9 Gbps, that is, we would talk about an increase in speed limit of more than 5 times the current one.

In addition, we not only increase its speed, but also its stability and signal, which is much better due to the different links and frequencies it has, so, despite having the same speed, with WiFi-7 this will be better due to the final performance.

This will also make the battery of our devices last longer, since, on the one hand, we reduce the waiting time between charges, and on the other, its stability.

Of course, as we said, it will be something exclusive to the Pro versionssomething that many will not like, but that Apple needs as a detail to distinguish one range from another, where, thanks to this, it is expected that to compensate, we can see a higher screen frequency in the normal versions, going up to 90 Hz or directly the 120 Hz of the Pro model.

It is also true that these speeds are too high, and that a normal user like you or me will not use them regularly, however, the best stability, signal and, therefore, reduction in battery consumption, are things that we They can attract attention and one more point to be able to opt for the Pro version.

For now we have no more information and despite being very strong rumours, nothing is 100% confirmed, so we will have to wait a little longer to know more clearly, and that is, little by little, that thing is getting closer. new iPhone, which is expected to have many improvements, especially with respect to AI. We'll see what happens.

Apparently there will be millions of new devices that we will see during 2024 with WiFi-7, so not having it on an iPhone would be a real mistake on Apple's part that we hope does not happen, having until September, when they will launch their new range, like every year, more than enough time to implement it, even if only in the Pro.

And you, do you think that this new technology is necessary for the next iPhone, or, on the contrary, are you not so interested and would have preferred that they improve another type of component or function? Leave us a comment with your opinion about it.