This is how you can see Spotify Wrapped 2022: the summary of your year in music

December has arrived, which for many is the best month of the year. End of the year, farewells and welcome to a new year that will surely come with many successes. Companies and companies also dedicate part of their marketing at Christmas time by offering their products at a discount or decorating their Christmas-related design. There is no doubt that Spotify is one of those companies that takes advantage of the month of December all over the top And he does it through summary of the year in terms of music thanks to Spotify Wrapped. The Spotify Wrapped 2022 has been available for a few days now and we will show you how to consult it.

Spotify Wrapped 2022: your year in music

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The most relevant data shown by Spotify Wrapped 2022 is the number of minutes we have listened to music, the number of artists and genres we’ve heard, the Top 5 songs, the Top 5 artists and endless other statistics that we can share with our friends.


Access the summary of your year through a simple click

For access Spotify Wrapped 2022 you don’t need to have Spotify Premium. you just need have the Spotify app installed on your device either iOS, iPadOS or Android. Once you have that ready, click on the following link.

You can also access within the Spotify app by clicking on “Search”. There is a large banner that if we click on it we access the summary of the year that is extended through some reproductions in story mode with all the information that we can download and share on social networks.