This is how you can wirelessly charge your 1st generation AirPods

However, the First generation AirPods they do not have a wireless charging box, and, therefore, we will need the cable for it, right? Well, there is a way to do it, and it is very simple.

Charge AirPods 1 wirelessly

The method is very simple, and as you can understand, it is not magic, but rather a special accessory, but one that many of us already use in our daily lives. It would be a special case for this model and that will allow us charge your case wirelessly.

There are many models that use this same idea, we will only have to connect our box inside the case, and this, which does receive the energy wirelessly, will transmit it, through the connector, to the case, allowing it to charge without cables. As if it were an external battery, but without power as such.

Here we have left you a small example, which works very well and has very good references, however, our purpose is to teach you the method. The item can be any of your choice, it does not have to be so white and discreet, there are more types.

Now, there are also boxes with which we can directly charge our headphones, and themselves, without cables, so if your AirPods have been around for a while, it is still more advisable to purchase one of these, since their price is very similar to the from the previous case, and where you will also have many types to choose from.

They are two options that will turn those old AirPods 1 into something much better, now it will depend on how long you have had them and what best suits your needs. The truth is that I have tried both and they are equally effective.

We must remember that starting with the second version of these, Apple already incorporated the option we are talking about today in its boxes, so if you have more recent ones, don't look any further, they already work for you, so go to Try them and don't waste your time. Many people believe that only Pros do it, and that is not the case.

And you, are you one of those who continue to charge devices in the traditional way, with their cable? Or, on the contrary, are you like me, and is everything that can be left resting on a charging base the best possible option? ? Leave us a comment with your opinion and if you really find these two ways useful that we have seen today to be able to modernize your first generation AirPods, although if you really bought them at the time, it is time to think about others, they have improved a lot and are Notice the difference in quality, even though these are still a great option.