This is no longer part of Apple’s plans

Every year Apple renews its services, changing prices, adding features, and expanding compatibility. However, there is also a “side B”, that of eliminating certain services and programs, which are no longer part of Apple’s plans. And today we tell you what is the Apple service that is about to pass away.

Apple discontinues iTunes permanently

iTunes, the program, was discontinued in macOS in the macOS Catalina version, with Mojave being the last version with the traditional version of iTunes. Starting with macOS Catalina, iTunes was divided into three applications: Music, TV and Podcasts. However, in Windows, Apple continued to maintain iTunes as we knew it: as a gateway between the device and the PC, and as an aggregator for services like TV and Music and purchase of movies and songs. An all in one.

Things are changing this year, though: Apple has decided to discontinue iTunes on Windows and, similar to what it did with macOS, break the app down into TV and Music. But for now, the Podcasts app is left out. Yes, we will have Apple Music and Apple TV + for Windows, although Podcasts are left out. But what about device synchronization? To sync an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Windows, the iTunes program is required. In fact, this is the way to restore our devices, install new updates via OTA or save local backups. Now that iTunes is gone, what will happen?

Goodbye iTunes. Hello Apple Devices!

Despite the fact that iTunes ceases to exist, Apple will not leave Windows users stranded. Thus, will launch the Apple Devices app, whose function will be to synchronize our Apple devices with the Microsoft ecosystem. Although, it must be qualified, the three applications are still in the testing phase, or “Preview”, as Apple calls them.

This means that the three applications, although functional, do not yet have all the features they should. missing features, such as lossless audio in ALAC format in Music, or some bugs in operation. Also, if you install any of these three applications and have iTunes installed on your PC, iTunes will be disabled and you will no longer be able to use it. And, therefore, you will lose access to features that iTunes has at this time, such as Apple Podcasts.

itunes windows 2023

Although for the most nostalgic, saying goodbye to iTunes can be somewhat “sad”, the truth is that many were Windows users who were waiting for these new applications and, finally, be on equal footing with the Apple ecosystem. Above all, in order to have the same user experience when connecting Apple devices with the desktop or laptop computer.

There is no “definitive” date yet. so that these three applications officially replace iTunes in Windows. In fact, currently, on the Apple website, little (or none) is the information that they have published in this regard regarding when the transition will end.