This is not what Apple wanted

Apple has made a series of launches in recent days, however, the company’s plans were not to present these products this week, but rather they should have been presented and launched much earlier. If you want to know what was the date chosen for it, in this post we tell you everything you need to know.

An event that never came true

As you well know, during this week there have been different releases by Apple, first there were the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pronext to macminiwhich in turn also served as a backdrop to announce the new M2 series processors, the M2 Pro and M2 Max. A renewal that was the one that touched and that, of course, has not surprised anyone except for the Mac mini, which from now on can not only be configured with the M2 processor but also with the M2 Pro. When everything seemed that was going to be a joint launch of these products, the next day Apple launches the new HomePod, which it calls 2nd generation HomePoda launch that had been rumored days before but was not expected at all for these dates.

Although the HomePod was not expected so soon, the truth is that Both the MacBook Pro and the Mac mini, as well as the M2 Pro and M2 Max processors, had already been on the table for some time for Apple to bring them to market, in fact, in the month of November 2022 he would have played an event in which precisely these products would have been the protagonists, an event that ultimately never happened. Now, this keynote should have been held, in fact, Apple planned it that way in its roadmap.

new black HomePod

After the launch of these products, the Cupertino company has left a series of clues that have revealed just this, that Apple had in mind to hold an event in November of 2022 to present and launch these devices, but that finally, for a reason that is currently unknown, this has not been the case. There are two tracks specifically, the first one is the metadata of Apple’s own website, since in the section of these new equipment there is a reference to the month of October 2022, which would have been the days before the aforementioned keynote. Although this does not end here, somewhat unusually, Apple has posted on its YouTube channel a series of presentation videos of these teamslonger than usual and that, when you see them, it gives the impression that what they have really done since Cupertino has been to take the fragments of that keynote and post them individually on their channel.

Apple Park

Of course, everything indicates that Apple’s plans were not to make these launches this week through different press releases, but that they really would have had to come true through a keynote. However, the reason why those from Cupertino have been forced to carry it out in this way is unknown, and who knows if all this has been caused by the launch of a product that has not finally seen the light of day and by the they couldn’t wait any longer.