Software updates are one of the most important tools of large companies with their products and devices for several reasons. On the one hand, they ensure that users are safer with bug fixes and fixes for serious vulnerabilities. On the other hand, interesting new features are introduced that are a striking element for users to update themselves. Apple has designed a system called 'Presto' that allows Apple Store employees to update iPhones without removing them from the boxes. This allows all iPhones to be sold with the latest update available for each device.

Employees can upgrade iPhones inside the boxes with 'Presto'

Last October 2023 we already talked to you about this technology but in a very cursory way and without many details since the information was little. However, a new shipment of information has just arrived and it is already known to the Presto system, a tool that allows Apple sell all your iPhones with the latest software update.

iPhone 15 Pro MaxiPhone 15 Pro Max

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Apple creates a system to update iPhones in stores without removing them from the boxes

Until now, the iPhones that were sent to stores had the latest version of iOS that had been released when the production of the terminal ended. This was a problem for several reasons. One of them was the lack of security of the device if a previous update had been released and, on the other, that Apple employees spent a lot of time helping the owners of these devices without updating the iPhones to update. For this reason, Apple created 'Presto', a tool that has been integrated in the United States and apparently will expand to more regions in the world. that allow update iPhones using MagSafe and other wireless technologies.

As you can see in the image that heads the article, Presto has several rails where they can be placed up to 6 iPhones at the same time with a large tray to be able to introduce different models of different sizes. Additionally, Presto looks like a modular system that you can add other Prestos on top of. In the case of the image, we see two Prestos stacked on top of each other. This information, including the image, comes from the French media iGeneration, which has been able to access all this information about this new technology. which allows iPhones to be updated in a time of between 15 and 30 minutes from when they are placed on the trays.