This is the best Apple computer for a student

Which MacBook is the best choice for a student? It is the big question that many university students are asking themselves these days, since Christmas is slowly approaching and acquiring a MacBook with Apple Silicon is one of the most recommended purchases this 2022, especially if we find good financing options or offers. In this post, we are going to analyze which MacBook is the most interesting option if you are student.

A wide range of Macs, which one to choose?

There is a wide range of MacBook in the official Apple catalog. Specifically, there are currently five models of laptops, where some of them have the MacBook, the first generation Apple Silicon and others the second generation chip.

MacBook Air M1, why?

Despite the fact that recently the MacBook Air with M2 chip, the Previous generation MacBook Air It is the cheapest equipment and is around 1,000 euros. It is a very powerful piece of equipment, which will serve you both to carry out graphic tasks such as taking notes, doing work or carrying out more complex processes such as small 3D projects, professional video editing or graphic design. It is important to highlight that we should not influence ourselves because it is a M1 and it’s an Air, since, with the presentation of the Silicon, the Air range has taken an incredible leap in terms of performance, being the Most powerful MacBook Air ever.

The battery and efficiency It is another of the strongest points that this 2020 MacBook Air has, since it has great thermal efficiency and gives you up to a total of 18 hours of autonomy. This MacBook, an all-terrain Mac, because it works for the vast majority of users and for most of the activities that you are going to do in your university and postgraduate years.

MacBook Pro 14, for all audiences?

The MacBook Pro 14 inches gives a qualitative and qualitative leap in terms of benefits, with a Mini Led screen, the incorporation of chips M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max. In addition, it is a team that includes input ports beyond the well-known Thunderbolt ones such as the HDMI connector, SD card reader, MagSafe charger and obviously, the inputs for UBS-C.

MacBook Pro 14

This 14-inch MacBook Pro offers great performance thanks to its small format processor, as it has a heavy but small design designed so that you can take it to any point without losing its main purpose: offer the best performance both in university and in your work study.

What is the best option to buy now?

Both the MacBook Air and the 14-inch MacBook Pro are two very interesting devices for price and performance and that very few users will be able to say that the user experience is not satisfactory. However, in this situation, it is the user who has to determine which device is best for them based on the university degree or professional training they are studying,Since, if you are studying an engineering or computer science degree, the 14-inch MacBook Pro is the best option.

MacBook Air 2020 M1

In case you are doing a humanities degree and that the iWork suite, mail management, and consume multimedia content, the MacBook Air with M1 chip is a great option because there is not a big difference with respect to the M2 and it has a much more moderate price.