This is the best Apple computer you can buy

The arrival of the new Apple Silicon M2 Pro and Max have hit the table throughout the technology industry, due to their incredible hardware features. However, everyone has praised the new specifications of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks, when really there is a product that has gone under the radar to be a true sales success. Specifically, we refer to Mac mini with M2 Pro chip.

Same chassis as with Intel processors

The Mac mini with Apple Silicon, is inside the chassis that was included in the Mac mini with Intel chip, so it is a equipment with a large number of ports, ergonomics and with a fairly moderate weight, which allows some mobility. This device has a lots of ports so it allows you to connect practically any external accessory. Of course, it does not have an SD card reader, but with an external connector you can solve that problem and even have access to more input ports.

The Mac mini is an all-rounder with the M1, and a Formula One with the M2 Pro.

The performance of the M1 chip has given a quality leap to all Intel processors, both in autonomy and in temperature. It also allows you to work with complex processes in the background, so you can be exporting an image and browsing the internet without any kind of heating or performance drop. The problem with the previous generation is that for advanced processes such as Blender, Unreal Engine, or complex photocompositions such as Photoshop lacked an extra point, an extra gear that would provide professional users with the necessary tools to work.

Fortunately, this situation has completely changed with the incorporation of the M2 Pro chip, Because this generation includes the necessary tools for when the user requires graphic power and GPU and CPU performance, respond to the needs of viewing multiple layers in Photoshop, different textures in Blender or see how lighting is reflected in an infra-architecture to issue the render.

The processes described could only be carried out with the most powerful Apple chips, such as the M1 Pro. Therefore, with the new processor update, the Mac mini will not suffer any type of falls and the performance will be as desired by all users who Finally, they have a Mac mini with professional features.

Is the Mac mini the best Mac for 2023?

The Mac mini M2 Pro allows you to mount specifications up to 32 GB of RAM and up to 8 GB of SSD storage. This equipment has a lower price than the MacBook, iMac or Mac Studio and if, in addition, we add the possibility of being able to work quickly and smoothly in any process, it becomes one of the great alternatives for this 2023 for those who have a monitor and a keyboard and only need a computer.

Mac mini 2020 M1 Apple

If you are looking for a economic Team, To work on 3D tasks, video editing, interface development, rendering processes for video games or processing photos in flight from a drone, the Mac mini with M2 Pro chip is the best alternative to execute all these types of tasks. The Mac mini M1 is that, power and efficiency in all scenarios, but not in specific scenarios. The M2 Pro gives you everything you’re looking for. Before it was an SUV, but not a Formula One, now it is a Formula One and competes in the Dakar.