This is the best iPad accessory that MediaMarkt is going to sell out at an outlet price

When you buy an iPad, the uses you can give it are many. Maybe you only planned to use it to draw, take notes by hand, or check email. However, having a keyboard It opens the doors to endless possibilities.

Whether you want it for work or study, this keyboard is great. You won't need to go everywhere with your laptop and you can have the same performance in a smaller size. It could almost be compared to a mini pc. Take advantage of the opportunity to give new life to your tablet.

Magnetic connection

This Smart Keyboard Folio for 11″ iPad Pro (4th generation) and iPad Air (5th generation) is in spanish version so you can maximize the use of Apple's most desired tablet. You will be able to write in your language comfortably, so you will not have problems adapting it to your native language.

It has a sleek design and it works, so if you're not using the keyboard, you can fold it over the iPad screen and make it like a deck protective. Additionally, you can adjust the viewing angle of the iPad, in case you want to tilt it and use the cover as a stand. Whether you have an iPad Pro or an iPad Air, this cover will protect it from bumps, scratches and dirt.

The Smart Keyboard Folio attaches magnetically to the iPad for easy installation and use. In addition, since it does not require cables or a Bluetooth connection, it completely frees you from having to pair or charge additional batteries. The best thing is that it has a slim design and weighs very little so you can comfortably carry it everywhere.

This Smart Keyboard Folio is compatible with various models of iPad Pro and iPad Air, so it guarantees that you can enjoy its advantages regardless of the model you have at home. As always, we recommend the use of licensed accessories recommended by the manufacturer for perfect compatibility.

This avoids connection or performance problems. In addition, it is a long-term investment because this type of accessories usually lasts in perfect condition for many years. Don't think twice and go for the offer before its price rises.

Take advantage of the 20% discount

The good thing about MediaMarkt's Apple Days is that they have a special discount for this iPad keyboard. Get 20% off to buy it for only 175.20 euros. It is normally around 220 euros, so this is an ideal opportunity to save big and enjoy a more versatile iPad.

ipad keyboard

MediaMarkt has free shipping and fast home delivery so that you can have this keyboard with you in less than 24 hours. You can also choose to collect your old keyboard for free to avoid having to go and recycle it yourself. Take advantage of Apple Days!