This is the big change that Apple plans for the iPhone

The rumors about the new Apple devices do not stop at any time, especially if the protagonist is, again, the iPhone. And it is that DigiTimes has made a publication in which it reveals one of the characteristics that the next iPhone will have, not the ones that Apple will present in September, but those that will come in later generations. If you want to know all the information, keep reading that we will tell you in this post.

Today there are many rumors that are known about the next devices that Apple is going to present in the short or medium term, however, the latest report that has been published DigiTimes advances one of the great changes that the iPhone will undergoOf course, it will not be immediately, but it sets its sights on the future.

iPhone screen will change

One of the most important elements in the iPhone is the screen, since in the end it is the way through which the user interacts with the device. In recent years, The Cupertino company has been making different modifications and updates on the iPhone screenfirst made the leap to OLED technology with the iPhone X and later introduced the adaptive refresh rate that goes up to 120 Hz, calling it ProMotion.

Well, it seems that the next step that the company has on the roadmap is switch to microLED technologywith all the benefits that come with it, such as higher brightness, lower power consumption, better contrast ratio and other benefits that improve performance and experience that OLED displays now offer.

iPhone 14 Pro Max overhead

However, this change in the iPhone will not arrive in a short space of timesince as DigiTimes also reports, the first device to which Apple will grant this technology will be the Apple Watch Ultra, to later introduce it also in the rest of the company’s products. This is a movement that Apple already carried out when it started with OLED screens, with the Apple Watch being the first to receive them. In fact, today neither the iPad nor the Mac have this technology, which is expected to arrive very soon. to the same

Therefore, taking this information into account, the truth is that this change will not take place on the iPhone screen for several years, so surely a front without Notch or Dynamic Island will be seen sooner than microLED technology in the themselves. However, a change of this type will bring many benefits to these devices and, therefore, also to all users who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy them, so even though we are still far from being able to use them, It will be a wait that will undoubtedly be worth it, because what is clear is that sooner or later, this change in iPhone screen technology will end up arriving, meanwhile users will be able to continue enjoying the rest of the news. that Apple is introducing in the iPhone.