This is the date chosen by Apple to launch its new computer

It is obvious that the product that is receiving the most attention right now, besides Apple’s mixed reality glasses, is the iPhone. However, within the entire immediate future of the company there are other protagonists that also deserve our attention, and one of them will surely become a true sales success, it is the new computer that Apple is about to launch to the public. market. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The news of Apple does not stop, especially considering that the Developers Conference is just around the corner, there is a little more than 1 and a half months left, and there are many products about which rumors do not stop coming out, mainly the iPhone. However, another of the products that, almost certainly, It will be widely accepted by users. is the new Appel computer, specifically the 15-inch MacBook Air which has been talked about so much and which is much closer than ever to its presentation and launch.

The presentation date of the 15-inch MacBook Air

As we have told you on several occasions, one of the most prestigious Apple analysts is without a doubt Mark GurmanWell, he himself has been the one who has ruled on the possible date that Apple has on the table to launch the new size of MacBook Air. According to Gurman, WWDC on June 5 would be the time that Apple has considered ideal to launch this product.and the truth is that it does not surprise anyone, since last year one of the protagonists of this Keynote was also the MacBook Air, in this case the 13-inch one that will accompany this 15-inch one in the official Apple catalog.

The truth is that Apple’s plans, in theory, were differentand it is that his intention was to launch this computer in a hypothetical event that was going to be held in the month of April or May, however, this seems to have been canceled because, together with this MacBook Air, the popular mixed reality glasses which have been delayed for WWDC.

MacBook Air M2 Midnight

The 15-inch MacBook Air is a completely new product in the Apple catalogNever before has the Cupertino company had a MacBook Air of this size, which indicates that it will be widely accepted, especially considering that all users who until now wanted to have a computer of these dimensions had to leave yes or yes to the MacBook Pro, before 15 inches and now 16. In this way, all users will now have the possibility of getting a laptop with a considerable screen but without having to pay the high price that the MacBook Pro has 16 inches. Now, this computer will not yet have the M3 processor, but will keep the M2 because Apple’s plans are to launch the M3 at the end of the year, so really the only novelty that this laptop will have will be the your screen size.