This is the good thing about Apple

One of the most positive things that Apple has compared to other competitors is that the level of updates that it carries out throughout the life of a product is really great. A good example of this is this week, in which just two days ago it released a security update, and yesterday, it released new betas again, not to mention the AirPods updates. However, if you want to know all the information about it, keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

The main objective of the Cupertino company is that all users who have products with the apple logo are able to enjoy a truly rewarding experience, whatever product it is, and have it for as long as you have. For this, it is vital to be able to support all of them, and of course, in this sense, little or nothing can be blamed on the Cupertino company.

Update week at Apple

A good example of what we have just discussed is exactly what is happening this week in the Apple world, and that we are still on Wednesday. On the same Monday, as we have already mentioned on this website, Apple released a security update for all users who had previously updated to iOS 16.4.1, this also being the first time that Apple uses this option to simply launch a security patch via an update that was named iOS 16.4.1(a).

But the thing does not stop there, it has also released a new firmware version for all AirPods models current so far, such as AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro 2nd generation and AirPods Max. The specific version is 5E135, and as usual, it is really unknown what Apple’s goal is with this new firmware, since the Cupertino company never provides details to users with this type of update. In addition, they do not have to do anything specifically to update them either, since it will be carried out completely automatically.

AirPods 3

Last but not least, yesterday he also released the beta 4 of iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 for all developers, as well as the corresponding public beta for all users who are curious to install it. However, as we always do, we do not recommend the installation of any beta, even if it is public, on the main devices of the users, since in the end they are operating systems in tests, and they can give rise to errors when you least expect it. . This beta 4 really does not offer anything that was not known up to now about iOS 16.5, being the most decaffeinated update of iOS 16 without any doubt, something normal and usual taking into account the development that iOS 16 has already carried out and that in just 1 month Apple will present what will be the new version of this operating system and the rest, of course.