This is the hidden gem of iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2 will introduce a new way to share boarding passes, tickets and other passes from the Wallet app on our iPhone. This new feature will be similar to the NameDrop feature and will take advantage of the proximity between iPhones to facilitate sharing.

Share boarding passes on iPhone

Instead of relying on manual methods that can be tedious, iOS 17.2 will allow users to start the process of cShare boarding passes, tickets, and other passes from the Wallet app, simply by bringing the iPhone close to the top of another device that has the Wallet app open. This will bring up a “Share» below the pass in the Wallet app. Tapping this button will automatically share the pass via AirDrop with the owner of the other iPhone.

Although the option to share passes already existed in the Wallet application, iOS 17.2 improves the user experience by incorporating the method AirDropcombined with the functionality of NameDrop. So now the process of sharing passes from the Wallet App is much easier, smoother and more direct, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Other important new features in iOS 17.2

The pass sharing feature is just one of the new features that iOS 17.2 will bring with it. This update, scheduled to launch next week, promises to significantly improve the user experience in several aspects.

One of the most talked about additions is the introduction of the Diary appwhich we have talked about on other occasions and which will offer users a dedicated platform to document their experiences and thoughts on a daily basis.

iphone diary app

iOS 17.2 will also add an option to direct translation on the action button, the inclusion of Qi2 support on iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 and improvements in Siri, which will increase the effectiveness of Apple's virtual assistant. There will also be new widget options for the digital clock and weather app.

iOS 17.2 also has some exclusive features in store for specific devices. For the iPhone 15 Pro users, The update will add the spatial video recording capability that will be supported in the near future with the Apple Vision Pro. This could provide a new dimension to content creation, offering a more immersive and engaging recording experience that will be integrated with visionOS.

These improvements not only aim to make existing devices more powerful, but also set the stage for the innovations that Apple is going to introduce in early 2024, not only for the Apple Vision Pro, but also for all the new features in the range. of iPad and Apple Watch that are to come. The integration of technologies such as spatial video recording and Qi2 support are another step forward in innovation for Apple.