This is the incredible product that Apple is preparing

Much has been said and is being said, of course, about the famous and popular Apple glasses, a product that many users continue to look forward to and that, of course, arouses interest and expectation in equal measure throughout the field of technology, since there is nothing certain about them. Well, in this post we tell you the last minute about this piece of product.

What can you do with these Apple glasses?

One of the main unknowns What was and what still is on the table is the aesthetic that the operating system of these glasses will have, well, everything seems to indicate that Apple wants to make things very easy for usersmaking the interface really similar to that of the iPhone and iPad, but with many differences when using it.

These glasses seem to be able to have both virtual reality What augmented reality, in addition to performing a deep recognition and tracking of both the eyes and the hands of the users who use them, in order to make the user experience completely satisfactory. So much so, that the user who wears them will be able to select an item just by looking at itto later control it with different gestures.

Of course, it seems that Apple has high hopes for this product, and the reality is that it is not for less, since as time goes by and more details about these virtual reality and augmented reality glasses from the company are known of Cupertino, more hype is created and, above all, there is more expectation around them.

In the part of augmented realitythe elements will be superimposed on reality, obtaining more information about it, while when the user activates the virtual realitythis will enter a kind of parallel world, where in addition, Apple intends for each one to appear with their face, focused mainly on meetings or hangouts that can be done in said virtual world.

When do they go on the market?

This is one of the big questions that also flies over the entire radar of the Cupertino company, and it is that the possible launch of a product like this has really been rumored for a long time. However, everything seems to indicate that this year we are in, 2023is the one chosen by Apple to present and launch this revolutionary product on the market.

Tim Cook at the September Apple Event

Taking into account that the iPhone always arrives in September, that June is reserved for WWDC, which is the developer conference, it is very likely that it will already be in the month of March or in the month of NovemberApple hold an event to publicize all the details of this piece of product that, without a doubt, will be able to leave all users with their mouths open.

Now, not everything is good news, and it is that the rumors also indicate that all those who want to enjoy a product as revolutionary as this, will have to go through the box, since according to MacRumors, the price of those glasses would initially exceed 3000 dollars.