The iPhone SE seems to be renewed much sooner than expected. All rumors point to early 2023 to be released and finally, will come with a new design in which the transition to a better life of the Home button stands out, thus closing the cycle and leaving only one device (the 9th generation iPad) for sale with the button that has given us so much joy. We tell you below all the details of what we know so far about the next iPhone SE (4).

Analyst Jon Prosser posted in a video on his YouTube channel that The fourth generation iPhone SE will have a similar design to the 2018 iPhone XR, leaving behind the aforementioned Home button and finally getting a full screen layout. This change makes a lot of sense since previous iPhone SE models have had the design of the 5S (2013) and the iPhone 8 (2017). Prosser has shared some renders of what this device would look like and the truth is, it looks very good in terms of design.

about a year ago, The Chinese website MyDrivers already predicted that the iPhone SE would move to a design similar to that of the iPhone XR in its next renewal, something that many other sources such as Jon Prosser are already corroborating now on his channel.

The iPhone SE 4 would arrive with a 6.1-inch screen, with the notch that we would have on the iPhone X to 11 models (i.e. the one that is not reduced) and LCD technology in the same way that the XR already equates it at the time. This design change would accompany the recent announcement of the 10th generation iPad in which the Home button is also omitted and leaving a similar line on all its devices, having a full screen interface on all of them.

It certainly seems like a very interesting option for all those who want to have iOS but don’t require the best of the best and also want to save money on their devices. We will see if this design finally materializes contradicts many other assumptions that indicated that the next SE would be supplanting the Mini model which this year Apple has discontinued. We will be very attentive.