This is the key to keeping your MacBook screen always clean

If what you want is to always keep your MacBook in perfect condition, one of the keys to achieving this is to ensure that the screen is always clean and free of stains. You may not know the best way to do it to avoid damaging the screen, so here are some tips to clean your Mac screen with complete peace of mind.

Clean the screen of your MacBook It is a quick and easy action that can make a difference in your user experience and also in the way others perceive your device when you are working in a public place.

What do I need to clean my Mac screen?

Before you begin, make sure you have the following items on hand:

  • Soft lint-free microfiber cloths.
  • Water.
  • 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution (optional).

Steps to follow to ensure that the MacBook screen is impeccable

  • Turn off and disconnect: Before you begin, make sure that you MacBook is turned off and disconnected from the power to ensure your safety during the process. Although nothing happens by doing it with the MacBook running, it is recommended to always have it turned off.
  • Remove dust from the screen: use a soft cloth microfiber Lint-free to remove any visible dust on the screen. Avoid using paper towels or other materials that may scratch the screen surface.
  • Remove stubborn stains: If stains persist, dampen another soft microfiber cloth with water and wipe the screen gently in side-to-side motions. Do not rub the screen, as this could damage it. Try to avoid putting too much pressure on the screen. Make sure you only apply water to the cloth and not directly to the screen. The cloth should be slightly damp, not soaked.
  • Alcohol solution (optional): If the marks on the screen are resistant, you can apply a cleaning solution. 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to the cloth and then clean the marks with it. Never spray alcohol directly on your Mac screen. You can also opt for pre-moistened wipes that contain the same solution and may be less harsh.
  • Let dry: Let the screen dry completely before turning your MacBook back on.

apple cleaning cloth

By following these steps, your MacBook screen should look like new. Apple also has its own microfiber cloth for cleaning the MacBook screen if this is something you're interested in. This is a cloth made especially for Apple devices with soft, non-abrasive materials. It also serves to nanotextured glass screens. Its price is €25 and you can get it at any official Apple store.

Of course, there are also unofficial alternatives that may be equally valid; you will find many of them on Amazon.

By following these tips, you can keep your MacBook in excellent condition and ensure it looks like new at all times. Regular cleaning not only improves the aesthetics of your device, but also contributes to its long-term durability and performance. So don't put off cleaning your MacBook any longer and enjoy a flawless screen!