This is the most expensive app on the App Store, do you know how crazy it costs?

Is about the most expensive app in the entire storeand its price may surprise you, especially due to the type of application it is, and that, personally, I think I would not pay even 5 euros for it, although they know how to sell it very well.

The most expensive app in the App Store

The price of this application has been varying for quite some time, due to the limits that the App Store itself modifies. Previously, it could be found for 1099 euros, which was the maximum that Apple let us put in a download, however, that price has been reduced, due to how excessively high it was.

Even so, it hasn't dropped much, and today we can buy the most expensive app in the store for 999.99 euros, which is not at all short. Of course, it has nothing to do with the American store, where the limit is $19,999which is its current price.


Well, what is it about? Well, it is simply a piano tuner. Although the developers themselves sell it as something unique and of a higher quality than any app you can find. Obviously, you have to take this as what it is, a simple jokeand they want to see how many people it can bite.

The worst of all is that it has only 1 comment, with logically a star in which it assures that after paying for the app, you have an annual subscription of 100 euros, something even funnier if possible.

Along with it there is also another application that shares the price, and depending on the limit of the App Store it moves at that maximum, now also being 999.99 euros, called VIP Black, and which can only be had by people with more than 1 million euros, that is, it would be oriented towards posturing. First for paying 1,000 euros for it, and second for the fact that if you do not have a certain amount of assets you cannot be a member.

Most expensive app

The truth is that, at least for Apple, this is profitable, however, they are applications that are too absurd and that, obviously, no one normal is going to pay for. So if you were expecting one of the best apps on the market, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but they are simply this.

In summary, The most expensive paid apps on the App Store are nothing more than “jokes”and hence the company itself has limited the maximum that can be asked for them, since we believe that 1,000 euros is more than enough value for anyone who can really be worth it, and even so I can't think of any for the one who would pay that.

And you, did you know any of these? Now that external stores arrive, will copies of them come out to make it appear that you have paid that much for one? We will be attentive, although, honestly, this is an article to pass the time, the truth is that they do not make much sense.